About Us

My name is Dirk Vranckaert and APP3 BVBA is my company. With APP3 we want to focus on a few limited domains. These are Native Software Solutions such as mobile apps, Backend Software Architecture such as synchronisation services and accountancy integrations and last but not least 3D Printing!

On all of these topics APP3 can deliver consultancy service or train your own employees to do the job themselves!

Native Software Solutions

Whether you need native software for a mobile device or a custom handheld, APP3 can help you!
I have a strong focus on native mobile solutions. That is Android, iOS and Windows Phone. But also native software on custom handheld or wearable devices is something APP3 can build for you!

Backend Software Architecture

Besides your mobile native applications you need them to communicate with some servers for data processing, data syncing, notifications,… APP3 can do that for you. With many years of experience in Java (6, 7, 8 and 9) backend and frontend  development I can help you setup your entire architecture and build a full REST API for your services, a portal for accessing your data, reporting modules for time or event based reporting to any kind of reporting engine, creating nice reports based collected report data,… Don’t hesitate to ask for it, there’s only little that APP3 can’t do for your!

3D Printing

All of your ideas can become reality! Do you have any product idea in mind but not yet ready to go to a big manufacturer? Don’t hesitate to contact us and we can help you to get to see and hold your concept in real life!

But we don’t only bring to life conceptual ideas. We also help you to design them and we can draw the technical image for you!

On the other hand if you only need a specific part printed that you found online or designed yourself we can also do that for you!

No matter what color or material (as long as it’s plastic) we can print it for you! Just get in touch with us and we will guide you along the way!


You have a project that you would get started? Or you just need an extra resource in an existing project? Or maybe you just want a quotation on what your project would cost you.

Just contact us at info@app3.be or give me a call at +32 498 06 09 31 and I will get in touch with you really soon.